Third Day ~ Carolina Theatre, Durham, NC ~ November 16, 2005

Mac welcoming us to the concert; cuts out just as Tunnel is beginning.

6.65mb / 26 sec.


Opening riff, check out that backdrop action. WooHOO! :)

3.8mb / 15 sec.

Consuming Fire

The ole "One-two-three four-five-six" opening intro. Anyone care to play a few rounds of Todd Dodging? ;-)

7.2mb / 27 sec.

Consuming Fire 2

"...did you ever try to let it burn..."

6.7mb / 26 sec.

Consuming Fire 3

Brad's guitar solo, then panning right.

3.9mb / 15 sec.

I Can Feel It

Intro with Mac griping because the balcony is sitting down, plus the first verse.

7.4mb / 28 sec.

I Can Feel It 2

Oh YEAH! WOOOO! Mac seemed a little Bono-ish to me in this one. And to borrow a line from Seinfeld, "...not that there's anything WRONG with that..." :D

2 6.7mb / 26 sec.


This is mostly a Brad & Scotty groove-fest, with a little bit of Mac thrown in for interest. :)

14.6mb / 55 sec.

Eagles 2

Another "should have been a pic, not a clip" gaff. Although it did catch a little of the end of the song, with "Eag-zilla" flapping in the background. So it's not a total loss. :)

1.4mb / 5 sec.


Panning across as Mac is introducing the song, continuing through the whole first verse.

24mb / 1:32

Show Me Your Glory

What can I say, it was SMYG. :) Great stuff, as always. Is that a new keyboard riff that Scotty is doing? I don't remember hearing that bit before.

7.4mb / 28 sec.

Q&A: Best thing about being on the road

Mac: "This is definitely a calling for's not just a hobby...not just a job..."

9.4mb / 35 sec.

Q&A: What are you reading right now?

Nigel: "Obviously you're not reading anything right NOW..." Mark: "I'm kind of the bookworm of the band...actually, something that I've been reading lately, is, uh, the Bible..."

22.9mb / 1:27

Q&A: Musical Heroes/Musical Inspiration

Brad: "I'm a product of the 80s -" *Scotty interrupts with a very 80s keyboard riff* "-Yeaaaah!" Got a little of Scotty too, but had to cut him off since Brad yakked so much. ;-)

29.7mb / 1:53

Q&A: Favorite Bible Verses

It's all David, but I'm having a heck of a time understanding him from way in the back there...

6.2mb / 24 sec.

Q&A: If your music career ended tonight, woudl you be happy, and what would you do then?

Mac: "...we've got 42 minutes [before LOST], got your TIVO set, right?" Tai: "If it ended tomorrow, we'd be quite disappointed, we're trying to do a whole little tour here..."

38.4mb / 2:26

Q&A: continuing along the same lines...

Mark: "...[his mom] is really cool, she's one of our biggest fans...she's probably here and we just haven't seen her...she's probably up there..." [points way up to the balcony]

13.8mb / 52 sec.

Song Request/Mac and Tai

Missed the first one, caught the cheers for 'Love Song' ("I'll be sitting that one out" says Tai), and 'Never Bow Down'.

6.2mb / 24 sec.

Love Song

It's the Mac and Mark Show. :) Haven't heard them play this since the Fayetteville show last October. I've missed it. Got almost the whole first verse on this one...

8.7mb / 33 sec.

Keep On Shinin'

Another new one. The first 19 seconds of it anyway. :)

4.6mb / 19 sec.

Come Together

Very short clip due to Todd issues; just enough to see a bit of the background and hear a what sounded to be a couple of odd notes.

1.3mb / 5 sec.

Come Together 2

MUCH better clip from the song... pretty much got the entire first verse.

6.6mb / 25 sec.


Much like Show Me Your Glory, what can I say, this is 50 seconds of Creed. :)

12.8mb / 50 sec.

Cry Out To Jesus

All of the first verse. Not the best shot of Mac, since he was spotlit on a very dark stage, but it'll do.

10.4mb / 40 sec.

Cry Out To Jesus 2

"...there is grace and forgiveness, mercy and healing..." It's a shorter clip, but you can see Mac much better in it.

4.6mb / 18 sec.


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