Third Day and Leeland
November 17, 2006
Columbia, SC

The clips are starting a couple of songs late into Leeland's set - I discovered about 2 songs in
that I'd neglected to delete the 200+ photos and clips from the Greenville show two weeks earlier off
the CF card before I started shooting the Columbia show. Argh! So it was either delete them one pic at a time
through out Leeland's entire set, or just bite the bullet, lose the first two songs I'd already shot and just reformat
the card in one swell foop, losing what I'd just shot. With that many pics needing to be deleted, I opted to just reformat.
So the clips start off in the middle of "Sound of Melodies".





Sound of Melodies

7.52 MB

(The slower part later in the song)


Yes, You Have

4.67 MB

(Early chorus)



Yes, You Have

8.35 MB

(Rocking out during the  chorus)



Tears of the Saints

10.7 MB



Third Day


Blessed Assurance

12.5 MB

Interesting to compare the high tech feeling Knight Rider intro from Greenville to this "just walk out onto the stage and start" intro. Looks as though Mark was having technical difficulties with the mandolin during this song...



Blessed Assurance

9.53 MB

Electric chorus (be patient, it DOES pull into focus after a little bit.)




You Are So Good To Me

2.99 MB

Just a short little clip so I'd know which song started here.



I Got A Feeling

10.8 MB

All of the first verse and the chorus.



I Can Feel It

4.96 MB

Short clip of Mac introducing the song.



I Can Feel It 2

11.3 MB

All of the first verse and the chorus, better zoom.




Consuming Fire

3.63 MB

Most of Brad's opening guitar, what you could see of it.





 Show Me Your Glory

8.76 MB

First chorus of the song.




10.2 MB

First chorus of the song, with a little of Scotty's keyboarding.



 Sing A Song

8.99 MB

Start of the acoustic set; pans across all the guys and back a few times. 



 Sing A Song 2

3.63 MB

And we sang "Holy, holy, holy..." 




9.26 MB

Wendy finally got her song! :)



 Give 2

6.72 MB

Later part of the song...



 Never Bow Down

14.6 MB

I get so few good pics with David, couldn't pass by using THIS shot as the screencap for this song. What a grin! :)





7.42 MB

First verse and the part of the chorus.



 Mountain of God

9.13 MB

Tai was carrying on a rather lengthy conversation with someone while Mac was singing the first verse.



 Mountain of God 2

7.92 MB

Chorus of the song (and look, Tai decided to start playing! ;-) )



Born in Bethlehem

18.2 MB

I preordered the new Christmas CD back in October, but since I have this aversion to playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving, I've still not listened to it yet. So this was my first exposure to any of the new 3D Christmas tunes...


Born in Bethlehem

24.4 MB

... and the song continues to the end.



Take My Life

15.4 MB

I thought this was great, even if that bunch of folk in the back did their best to NOT clap in time to the song. *scratches head perplexed...*



Keep On Shinin'

11.8 MB

First verse, the chorus, and the arrival of the mirrored disco ball.




12.7 MB

Intro and first verse.



Come On Back To Me

14.0 MB

Part of the first verse, the chorus, and Brad and Tai doing their "nowhere left to turn" turns. :)



I Believe

12.1 MB

The chorus and second verse, with Tai jamming with Brad and checking out Mac's flex.



Cry Out To Jesus

13.6 MB

The chorus and second verse.



God of Wonders

11.1 MB

Chorus, plus a little bit...


Come Together

12.4 MB

First verse and the chorus; see Tai and Mark do their rendition of the "step left, step right" thing, and what MUST have been Tai hitting a sour note. I didn't hear it, but his expression at the time (right before this screencap) was priceless. ;-)



7.44 MB

Second verse, with a little Brad guitar to start...



Creed 2

7.66 MB

Brad's solo, what I could see of it from my vantage point, anyway.


5.88 MB

Mark dancing to the music over the PA system, David tossing out drumsticks, and the arrival of the wee "seventh" member of the band. All together now... "Awwwww...." :)



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