Third Day, Hyperstatic Union, Leeland
Greensboro, NC -- November 3, 2006
Concert Clips

Hyperstatic Union


Goin' On Up - the intro

Goin' On Up - the song


Praying For Sunny Days




Sound of Melodies

Yes You Have

How Great Thou Art

Tears of the Saints

Didn't recognize this one, sorry. :)

Third Day

Knight Rider intro, into I Got a Feelin’

Took My Place

Keep On Shinin’

Keep On Shinin’ (short clip - mirror ball)

I Can Feel It - Mac's intro

I Can Feel It

Consuming Fire 1

Consuming Fire 2

Consuming Fire 3 - Brad's Solo

Show Me Your Glory - Mac's Intro

Show Me Your Glory - the song

Thief w/Scotty Intro

Sing A Song

To quote from Mark's blog...

Mac's "...first guitar solo and last guitar solo..." LOL

Take My Life

Mountain of God

Blessed Assurance (acoustic)

Blessed Assurance (electric)

You Are So Good to Me


Tossing out a bunch o' picks during Come On Back To Me.

I Believe

Cry Out To Jesus

God of Wonders

Come Together



(L) Brad's "Creed" guitar solo, and (R) short farewell


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