Third Day - "Wherever You Are" Tour
Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA
February 17, 2006
Concert Clips

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Tunnel Intro, just as the curtain is dropping
8.13MB, 33 seconds

Tunnel Clip 2
I'm not sure, but I think he might be looking at Wendy or Sarah in this one. :)
3.21MB, 12 seconds

"We got us a good lookin' crowd here tonight!" - Mac
9.17MB, 35 seconds

I Got A Feeling
Something cracked Mac up right at the start of the song, anyone catch what it was?
8.80MB, 34 seconds

I Can Feel It, Clip 1
13.28MB, 51 seconds

I Can Feel It, Clip 2
5.62MB 22 seconds

Consuming Fire, Clip 1
7.49MB 28 seconds

Consuming Fire, Clip 2
4.19mb 16 seconds

King of Glory
"You guys are so amazing...don't see any other shows being better than this..."
13.5mb 50 seconds

Eagles, Clip 1
2.11mb 8.12 seconds

Eagles, Clip 2
4.60mb 17.24 seconds

Keep On Shinin', Clip 1
4.70mb 18 sec

Keep On Shinin', Clip 2
3.38mb 13 seconds

Keep On Shinin', Clip 3
4.67 mb 18 seconds

Thief, Clip 1
Nice close up of Mac, with a great Scotty riff at the end.
7.96mb 30 seconds

Thief, Clip 2
Scotty's ending and the start of the acoustic set
The first time I've ever actually wanted to tell Brad to move out of the way. ;-)
12.13mb 47 seconds

I Have Always Loved You
Pans across all 5 guys sitting there
4.45mb 17 seconds

"Nahnah-nah-nah-NAH-nah, I saw them fir-rrst!" - Mac
4.75mb 18 seconds

Your Love Oh Lord
How the song evolved ;-). Fairly lengthy clip
21.52mb 1 min, 22 seconds

Blessed Assurance, Clip 1
6.24mb 24 seconds

Blessed Assurance, Clip 2
7.69mb 29 seconds

You Are So Good To Me
9.31mb 36 seconds

I Believe
"If you're sitting down, it's time to get up!" - Mac
8.23mb 31 seconds

As Mac slips coming back up the steps after
I Believe:
"That would have been bad..." :)
4.93mb 19 seconds

Communion, Clip 1
9.90mb 37 seconds

Communion, Clip 2
Do not adjust your monitor, this was only a test. :)
I tried the 640x TV movie setting on this one, just for grins.
Never again, too grainy at ISO 200.
17.19mb 17 seconds

Communion, Clip 3 - Mark's solo
3.77mb 14 seconds

Show Me Your Glory
6.93mb 26 seconds

Nothing Compares
8.30mb 31 seconds

The New and Improved
Come Together
Mac clarifying that "You want to hear MORE than one song!"
13.75mb 5 seconds

Cry Out To Jesus
9.3mb 34 seconds

God of Wonders, clip 1
"...this is for Rob..." - Mac
(will Rob NEVER get to hear "Innocent"? :) )
11.70mb 45 seconds

God of Wonders, clip 2
6.56mb 25 seconds

(And just listen to the guy next to me freaking out
because he fumbled David's drumstick and sent
it flying back onto the stage! :D )
6.59mb 25 seconds

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