The Sims 2 - Third Day Style

Anyone who has hung around me for any length of time knows that I am HOPELESS addicted to Sims games, from the earliest "Sim City" (before it was considered "classic"), to the latest incarnation of the franchise, "The Sims 2", including some of the lesser known variations, like Sim Ant (cute game), and Sim Earth (HARD game; the box for that one weighed a ton, and it was all instruction manual!). I've spent MANY simoleons on the expansion packs for both The Sims and The Sims 2, right up to their latest one, "Pets". Awesome game. I've been known to start playing at 9 at night, and the next thing I know, it's 3AM and my sim-child has already grown into an adult. Like I said, hopelessly addicted.

My first effort at putting Third Day into the game was simple. Add them to the Sims' radio stations. They seemed to like that. Even the toddler, who normally ignores the radio, actually sat down and bounced around to it. Here they're boogying to "I Got You". (And just for the record, this is the Dynamite family. That's Napoleon there on the right in the Gomer Orange sweater, and I think the boy's name is Rico, and the toddler, if I remember right is named, um, Tina. After the llama. :D )


Since Third Day Radio was such a success, I tried putting them on the TV as well. Woot! They watched that too! Here they are watching the "60 Minutes" segment featuring 3D. Look there's MAC! It looks much better when they have a wide screen tv, but at this point, these guys (the sims, not Third Day) were just starting out and couldn't afford one of those yet.


Here's a few more families that watched 3DTV frequently (I shot these, at Carowinds 2005):
(4.25 MB)

She switches over to football momentarily, then goes back to the Carowinds footage. Why is she thinking about brains, you ask? Note the grey tint of her skin, she's a zombie. And zombies LOVE to think about brains. LOL. (Seriously. It's just another goofy twist in the game.)

Anyway, at some point last year, I, just for kicks (and because I was running out of imaginative names for new families), opted to actually put Third Day into the game. So I designed a new family - "The Gomers", modeled them after the guys in 3D, and dropped them into, where else, Strangetown.

I originally designed just the 5 guys, and as I was playing, I went "Oh NO, I forgot Geof!" So with some help from some of the mod files from modthesims2, I set out to, um, make a Geof. How does one go about doing that? Read on, McDuff!

How to create a keyboard player:

Using hacked "alien abduction" telescope, have Sim-Mac be abducted by aliens.

(In the game, with the standard telescope, Sims are only abducted by aliens a random 5% of the time that they look through them.  Need someone abducted on command? The hacked scope is the only way to go.)

Don't worry, kiddies, they'll return him just like they found him. Almost. ;-)

Note: In Strangetown (and in all the other "town"s, actually), anytime a male gets abducted by aliens, he always comes back pregnant. For some reason, females in the game don't seem to have that problem. Go figure.

In any case, Sim-Mac was no exception (anyone getting the idea by now of why Sim-Geof can sing "It's Not Easy Being Green"?) If you think he looks odd in PJs, you should see him in the shower. Some scary stuff there, let me tell you. LOL.

And after 9 sim-months of throwing up, making many trips to their bathroom, and just being out and out tired all the time, Sim-Mac finally "gives birth" (in the classic - well, MOSTLY classic; it's a little different, since it IS an alien baby this time - Sims style) to baby Geof...


...who I proceed to, courtesy of another game hack called "The InSIMinator", grow him up from infant to toddler, to child, to teen, to adult, in about 30 seconds, after which I got him started playing the keys right away.

And with that, the Gomer family's band "Third Day" was complete. Not that GOOD yet, but complete. Mac, stop complaining about Geof's playing, he's doing pretty well considering he's only a few hours old.


Some Gomer Family Random Moments...

Perusing the walls of their newly decorated house. (band photo colorized by Sarah, and I SWEAR that, to the best of my knowledge anyway, that late *pthththtt* by one of the guys was NOT directed at IT! ):

Art imitating Life: Sim-Brad likes golf too. :)

Tai (in the early days, he wore a cowboy hat) and David, boogying to "Mama" from the Bus CD in the stereo.
The funniest part of the clip though, IMHO, is earlier, when David is playing with the paper airplane: "Vroooom! Vrooom!" :D

I bought the first expansion pack for TS2, called Nightlife, and in it, they included several new hip hairstyles. Nearly fell off my chair when I saw one of them. Say buh-bye to Tai's cowboy hat, abandoned in favor of the new 'do, as Art imitates Life once again:

Here's where hopefully Life doesn't imitate Art; Sim-Brad's eating habits are atrocious. That IS his food (either cereal or macaroni and cheese, I don't remember which) flying all over the place as he just shovels it into his mouth. Hold up, it gets better. Wait for it... wait for it... *BRAAAAAP!* Ahh, now he's got room for more. The game made him do that, not me.

A moment of, um, "fellowship"? ;-) Brad and Mark are joined by David, followed by Tai after he goes on a bit of a cleaning binge. (Mac is still sleeping off his abduction of the night before.)

And last but not least, a little rehearsal footage, since practice DOES make perfect. Alas, me thinks they've still got a LOT more practicing to do.

As expected, Tai is on bass, David is having a blast on drums. Mark just seems to think it actually sounds GOOD!

Not quite yet the Weapon of Mass Distortion that we all know and love, is he, Gomies?

A little interior design, after I had time to decorate a little:

The Bedroom... Note the change in the wall art; the sun and moon pics are ones I actually have hanging up in MY room, the sunrise pic is a sunrise I shot from my back yard, and well, two shots of The Unknown Gomer, one slightly less "unknown" than the other. ;-)

The rec room... look, there's Sarah's pic again, it looked better in here. And the first of a few gold records.

The wall on the other side of the room, with another gold record, an early shot of some band, and guitars.

And ho-hum, some band winning a Grammy...

Th-th-th-th-that's all folks! I would have kept the Gomers going, but if I remember correctly, when my PC crashed last year, I'm fairly sure my Gomer Family crashed with it and I lost it. :( But I had a lot of fun with it while it lasted. Even when I started playing other families on the block, the Gomers kept coming by to visit, use the hot tubs, come by for birthday parties, babysitting, things like that. Very cool.



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